8 Clean Eating Tips for Baby Boomers (Video)

Growing up, breakfasts were sausage, bacon and eggs cooked in bacon fat. Plus pancakes, waffles with tons of butter and syrup and piles of crispy bacon. Mashed potatoes, beef (and lots of it) with gravy, Spam (not internet), toasted cheese, onion chip dip and chips were all a common every day or every weekend ritual. Cholesterol, saturated fat … What was that? Smoking, high balls, sunbathing — even putting on baby oil with iodine. Oh, how little we knew!

For baby boomers like us, the idea of clean eating and healthy habits came hard. Urged by doctors, we have embraced healthy whole foods and guess what? They can be delicous! Especially if you know how to prepare them.

In this video, one of our favorites Mitzi Beach will share tips to make clean eating easier while still serving up satisfying meals you will love.




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