Can We Please Get A Good Night’s Sleep?? (hint: Start With A Good Mattress)

If you are like me, you think a LOT about sleep.  We are active,  super busy, basically healthy, and interested in getting the most out of life, and so sleep can often not be priority one.  But we think A LOT about when we are going to get a good night’s sleep, and we think a lot about how to improve our sleep.  My pre-New Year’s resolution is to re-design my sleep habits and system now.

This all starts with a new bed mattress.  I committed myself to doing copious research about mattresses.  I wanted something extra-special, perhaps even bespoke, something which was not mass market and could give me that incredible quality of sleep essentially only I could achieve 🙂

Here are my best recommendations for the all-important home BED MATTRESS, should you be looking for a new one in your life now, consider this a head start.

Brooklyn Bedding   Link:  Fall Sale – 5% off + 2 Free Shredded Foam Pillows

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the most established mattress manufacturing companies in the US. Brooklyn Bedding started as a single retail store, selling mostly close out mattresses. They have grown sizably since those beginnings, most notably through their recent completely re-designed mattress.
Their new mattress is the culmination of 20 years of expertise in the mattress industry and is being pitched as the “#BestMattressEver“.   Can it really live up to those expectations?
The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is 10″ mattress constructed from 3 layers of foam.  The Brooklyn Bedding mattress comes in 3 different firmness levels. For this review I slept on their medium firmness, which sits at about a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm). You can also order the Brooklyn Bedding mattress in soft or firm levels. Their soft mattress is rated at a 4 out of 10 and their firm mattress is rated at an 8 out of 10. The vast majority of sleepers, about 80% in fact, prefer a medium firmness level. So unless you know for sure you like very soft or very firm, chances are you probably will be most happy with the medium firmness level.

Doze Beds       Link:  Shop The Doze Mattress

Doze Beds offer a very simple and wonderfully clean shopping experience.  They start with a really comfortable mattress, take out the confusing choices and fancy terms, sell it for a reasonable price, offer easy delivery, and create a simple & transparent return policy

Their mattresses feature 3″ of premium gel memory foam (designed to keep you cool & comfy), and 7″ of moderate density support foam (enough support & bounce for every bedroom activity)

They also have a 75 night GUARANTEE for Doze beds. It’s like sleeping on a cloud!  I have to say that my 2 nights on this bed were wonderful. The only thing I would change is the lack of support on the edges of the mattress.  Other than that, great!  I would rate their mattress an 9 out of 10!

Nest Bedding      Link:  Nest Bedding

Nest offer a not-quite-as-friendly user interface though they do offer 100 Nights Free  guarantee, and Free Shipping, as well as a 10 year warrantee.  The Nest selection is very impressive in terms of sizes.

I slept on Nest’ Alexander Signature Series “medium” firmness for a couple nights and while mostly very comfortable, there were parts of the mattress which were a bit mushy.  6 out of 10.

Nature’s Sleep     Link:   Nature’s Sleep

Meet the newest member of the Nature’s Sleep family of mattresses. The Emerald gel memory foam mattress is a unique mattress designed specifically for stomach sleepers. The foam layers and construction help to provide an optimal sleeping experience for stomach sleepers, improving spinal alignment, and reducing pressure on the sleeper’s breathing. The ground breaking design of the Emerald gel mattress is a final contestant in INC magazine’s 2015 Best in Class Design Award contest.

The Emerald gel memory foam mattress is built from 4 different layers of foam. This mattress is 12″, which is a bit thicker than the standard 10″ mattress you see a lot of. The extra thickness helps to improve durability, better handle weight distribution, and minimize motion transfer.

Overall, I’m fairly impressed with the Nature’s Sleep Emerald gel mattress. It has great comfort, pretty good cooling, amazing support, and it’s crafted with high-quality and healthy materials. Having a mattress that’s specifically designed for the needs of stomach sleepers is one of the coolest and most unique features I have seen in the sleep industry. I would recommend the Emerald Gel memory foam mattress to anyone who is a stomach sleeper or you have partner who is a stomach sleeper , or if you prefer a neutral mattress, something in the 6’ish out of 10 range on the firmness scale (where 10 is the most firm), or if you enjoy a mattress that allows you to sink into the foam, contouring and conforming to your unique body shape.  There are several other excellent advantages here including a 20 year warranty, one of the longer warranties I have seen for online mattresses, Free , Arrival in 1-3 business days.

Shipping – comes to your door compressed and wrapped in plastic, shipping is free. Nature’s Sleep has warehouses all over the country, allowing them to ship to your house in 1-3 business days anywhere in the US.  One big negative–unfortunately, Nature’s Sleep does not offer a trial period. If you live near a Costco or Khol’s you may be able to try it if they have this model in store.

I will say though, over all, that this one was the winner!  9.5 out of 10.  I am someone who is constantly too hot in the bed at night so this bed really kept me cool.  And the firmness was perfect for me, and I am someone who sleeps both on my stomach and side.

I know I am going to sleep well this holiday season.

Have any thoughts to add about these or about which you feel are the best beds out there?  Please share with us.