I Hate Shopping For Christmas Gifts. My Best Last Minute Gift Tips (on Amazon)

I hate Christmas shopping at the last minute.  But with me it’s always the last minute.  I plan.  I procrastinate.  I avoid.  Wash Rinse Repeat.. And then days before Christmas I go on a mad tear to get those ‘serious’ gifts (gifts over $100 only given at Christmas and Birthdays) to my wife, my kids, my young grandkids, my much older Mom (too old to be a Baby Boomer).  Anyway, thank goodness for Amazon, they just have everything and make it easy.  Some suggestions for you, all of which I have tried out and/or bought, so all are my actual and completely unbiased opinions.

Supreme in Portfolio Aromatherapy 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Set (Essential Oil Gift Pack)- 64/ 10 ml

I bought this for my mother last year and she literally went berserk.  If you have yet to experience, you need to try, I have been doing it for years (and its why I purchased this for my mom), and it REALLY works.  I cannot speak highly enough of the therapy I derive from Aromatherapy.  There is a terrific variety here and great quality.  You can mix oils with their instructions for any number of purposes, including guarding against getting sick this winter.  Get with Aromatherapy!.

Master Massage 31″ Montclair Therma-Top Portable massage Table with MEMORY FOAM Package, Black

I ALWAYS need a massage.  I ALWAYS want a massage.  You hear me?  I bet you might feel the same.  I internalize stress, so I bought one of these for myself last year, and a friend comes by and works me over every couple weeks.  Yes another form of incredible therapy which truly works!   The quality of this table is excellent.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 18.0 MP DSLR Camera w/ EF-S 18-55mm & EF 75-300mm Lenses & Zoom TTL Flash Gun Bundle

As I get into my 50’s I’ve made it a point to work a bit less and enjoy life more.  I received this camera as a gift for my birthday and it has completely changed my life.  It is such a creative outlet for me,  This is a PRO level camera.  And you can actually film movies with this camera–I am making a documentary about my parents.  Excellent dslr camera. This is the perfect camera for serious beginners learning the ins and outs of photography while enabling them to take amazing photos with automatic settings. This bundle is well worth it–you WILL use the flash and lenses.


Time to get the grandkids something.  My 5 year old grandson is a car nut and I just bought him this Corvette Bed.   Why did we not have car beds to sleep in when we were kids  This thing is realistically modeled after the Corvette Z06.  It’s officially licensed by GM and made in the USA.  Your grandkid (or kid) will love this, that sleek, contoured frame is highlighted by custom Corvette decals and silver rims for authentic detailing, and it is constructed of durable polyethylene for easy cleaning and longevity, and it’s got working LED headlights!  Vroom Vroom!   I look forward to it becoming WAY easier to get him to bed.


Everyone needs a great blanket for the Winter.  Winter is here.  I just got this for my wife and she completely loves it.  The Cappuccino color goes really well with anything.  This blanket is incredibly comfy and keeps you warm at the same time.


I don’t play video games — never have.  But, if you don’t become the grandkids favorite after giving them this, I don’t know what to say.  And this bundle comes with several free games including Lego Batman 3.  This is one of the most coveted things for kids these days, and I felt getting this covered a lot of gift-giving bases for me!

I hope you have not procrastinated this Christmas as much as I did.   Merry Christmas and Stay Healthy!  Long Live Boomers!!!