Wake Up Fellow Boomers, We Must Take Part Before Our Country Comes Apart

Boomer friends, I’ve supported and voted for many Republicans in my lifetime and I’ve supported and voted for many Democrats in my lifetime.   This is NOT about politics.

The Baby Boomer Generation is considered the generation that made the most significant and memorable impact on the United States – and on the world.

The Baby Boomer Generation fought for civil rights and equal opportunities for all its citizens regardless of belief, gender, race and age.  We also have a responsibility.

I aspire for this blog to simply be a helpful source of information for my fellow baby  boomers.  I have no aims for this blog to ever become political or partisan in any way, and so I mostly leave politics aside in this blog.

But Friday’s executive orders are too much for me.  Trump is institutionalizing hatred, bigotry, and racism with these orders. They have absolutely nothing to do with policy. They were not even vetted by the relevant governmental organizations who will have to implement them.

Make no mistake about this.  These orders are not policy.  They are politics. They are the politics of hate.  And we must rise up as a country against them.

I don’t always agree with the ACLU, but in this instance they play a key important role.  The ACLU has already succeeded in obtaining a stay of deportations of immigrants and refugees trapped in airports and I suspect and hope that they are just getting started.

So I’ve just become a member of the ACLU. I’ve never even considered joining this organization before, but Trump has pushed me there.  I am donating to the ACLU now so they can fight the institutionalized hatred, racism, and bigotry that this administration is foisting upon us.

Bottom Line: The Baby Boomer Generation is THE generation responsible for our current wonderful freedom and lifestyle, and fought for our rights as citizens of a great nation.  We must defend those rights and not let them be run into the ground quickly and suddenly by our first ever fascist president despot.

What are you doing to help, my fellow Boomers?


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