What’s A Boomer To Do In Summer? – 6 Ideas

Well, we are already a few weeks into summer, and July 4th is sneaking up on us next week.  I found this is that time of your when I do actually get time to really think, take stock, under what is going wrong, and what is going right in life.  And decide on a course of action–for the Summer and beyond.   Over the past few Summers, I have come p w tie a list of things which I have done and which I can recommend to fellow boomers to do during the long hot Summer!

1.   TRAVEL!   Take a trip to an odd location outside the US which you and have never been to before. Aren’t you tired of watching the news every day?  Go somewhere even perhaps for the grid  Turn ff the cel phone.   Go someplace perhaps where you and your significant other can discover and experience together.  Creating memories is one of the best things you can do at our age.

2.   HOBBY!  Take up a new hobby. Tired surfing the damn internet?  Or of golfing once a week and hitting the gym or yoga once a week?  If you need something new in your life, it may be time to take up a new hobby and expand your interests.  Do something you have never done before but always wanted to try.   I jumped from an airplane three years ago–I do NOT need to do that again, but perhaps an organic gardening class, taking a painting course or bicycling road trip.

3.   SEX !   Bring some excitement to the bedroom.  Go to Amazon.com and search for “sex toys”. Buy smething for yourself or for your partner. Look for most popular ones and spend $10 and give it a try.  Step outside your comfort zone–I guarantee you will not regret it.  While you may be embarrassed, your partner will probably enjoy the fact that you invested time to add a little spice.

4.    SPORT !  Get active or take up a new sport.   Everything gets old.  If you are already a fitness enthusiast, try a new sport or enter a competition.  Many baby boomers I know are completing their first half-marathon or full marathon,  taking up skiing, or finally signing up for swimming.  And furthermore, if you want a little accountability to your sports, join a team or a group.  Work as a team toward the common goal of getting fit.  A softball team or swimming group can provide hours of fun, laughs and exercise.

5.   READ!  Join a book club.   Reading is the most underrated activity in history.  The amount of personal fulfillment which I receive from curling up with a good book is immeasurable.  While it may not seem like the most exciting thing to do during retirement, the social interaction and enjoyment you get from reading a good book can do wonders for the psyche.  Aim to read a book you have always wanted to read.  Maybe you skipped the classics in school and now want to find out what all the chatter is about Mark Twain or Hemingway–or something outside your comfort zone!

6.   LEARN !  Take a course at a local college or university on a subject which interests you.   Most schools now offer senior discounts or allow you to audit the class for no credit and a small fee.  Whether it is a pottery class or astronomy course, you will find great enjoyment learning alongside young and bright minds in a higher education environment.  Remember, you have a lot to offer these kids with your wisdom and life experience.  If you never finished college, perhaps go back to college and finish you degree?  While you may not do anything with the degree you receive, at least you will receive the satisfaction of knowing you completed something you started.

Share with us some of your ideas for what you will be doing this Summer.  Just email us here at [email protected]