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Baby Boomer Today is a blog specifically for us–the Baby Boomers, the over-50’s, whatever folks are calling us today.  Our mission is to provide you with the valuable and relevant news, information, advance and tips we can provide

Here we introduce ourselves…

We started Baby Boomer Today in 2016 to be a source of information, advice, tips and product referrals for the Baby Boom generation, those of us born between 1946 and 1964.  In this constantly accelerating world, things are quite different from the world which we grew up in, it can be quite difficult and confusing to make decisions on a number of important issues affecting us is in this moving target world climate.

Society and brands are often blind to our large, affluent market, middle-aged and older men and women over 50 years of age.  Our world is still youth-obsessed, perhaps more than ever, yet we still have so much more to offer and do, and so much longer to live.

I have a great interest in being active, living healthy and fully, in longevity, in human potential.  I aspire for Baby Boomer Today to become a fount of useful information for Boomers, and to truly help us navigate and stay informed in our world.  I hope this blog inspires others among us to do the same.

My background in ‘baby boomer’ studies is not so specific per se 🙂  But I am a sociologist and expert in generational studies by virtue of academic background.  The recent rising today of issues regarding the Baby Boomer generation vs the Millennial generation has piqued my interest in servicing my own fellow Baby Boomers online, as there is such a dearth of good commentary relating to our Baby Boomer likes, activities and other issues.

I have also spent a long career working in the entertainment business in New York and Los Angeles and London, and have worked closely with some of the world greatest and most renowned recording artists–some of which would be household names to you.  So I have seen it all, I am in this Baby Boomer demographic, and I am sensitive to the issues we face and I am interested in serving and helping our demographic in every way possible.  I do enjoy writing and editing for this blog, these are all topics which interest me personally and which I would thusly think interest my fellow baby boomers.

Feel free to contact me for any comments or suggestions, I aim to make this blog as comprehensive as possible.

Tom Sarig, Associate Editor

Lisa Friedman, Associate Editor

Please feel free to contact my with any inquiries, comments or thoughts on the blog.