Baby boomers Wake Up! What Trump Got Wrong In Charlottesville.

Baby boomers, wake up!–is there a President in our US history who would have actually avoided denouncing Nazis and white supremacists like Donald Trump did yesterday?

It’s almost impossible to even fathom for us babyboomers. How low have we sunk as a nation.  This goes against the grain of the most basic and essential tenets on which this country was born, as well as how it has survived and thrived through over two centuries.

We cannot simply sit back and let this happen.  We must show that the vast majority of us Babyboomers and all those over 50 do NOT feel the same as our grotesque monster of a president.  We do NOT agree that bigotry should be above condemnation.

More here in today’s New York Times link below about Trump’s reaction to the violence in Charlottesville Virginia yesterday.
New York Times