Babyboomer Women: Aging Alone

Many Babyboomer women I know are increasingly getting divorced from their spouses later in life — and many of those are not re-marrying.  Many other Baby Boomer women I know are outliving their spouses, and similarly are not re-marrying.  Some other women I know have either never been married.   Thus women are spending less and less of their adult years married than ever before, and more are facing their over 50 years more and more living alone.

Womens lifespans are also longer considerably longer than men.   How are Boomer woman spending their extra years post marriage into their 70s and beyond?  How are Boomer women affording health care over the long term?

How are Babyboomer women handling the loneliness?  The security issues of being alone?

Several women I know regularly make plans with their single friends.  Many don’t have children, so they are in the same situation as you.   Some other 60-something women friends I know got apartments next door to each other.   Or perhaps you could let a friend move into your empty-nest second bedroom and share costs.   This sort of arrangement can address the issues of loneliness and security, as well as someone to be there in case of emergency.

Babyboomer women who are single — what are some of your solutions?  How are you dealing with this?