Where Has My Generation Disappeared To?

As we are dragged headlong into the daily revelations and thus the misery of this current President’s administration, I am often shocked by how more of us are not speaking out, and as such have become unmoored to the conscience which so trademarked our Baby Boomer generation.  Perhaps we are all shocked by the uncharted territory we now find ourselves in.  Perhaps we are comfortable, are in our middle ages, and just don’t give a damn.  Whatever it is, any observer of history could draw parallels from where we sit now with several other ‘empires’ at this point in their respective histories.  It’s not hard to see that these are the harbingers of a nation in decline in many ways, most  importantly in terms of values and conscience.  We try not to use this blog as a platform for politics of any side, but we fear this corrosion has metastasized beyond politics into a national cancer.

Here is a good article from the Atlantic today which talks about how many conservatives, no matter how low this regime stoops, seem will never abandon this White House…


How to Know Who Will Let Trump Get Away With Anything

The defenses of the president’s son for seeking a meeting with a Kremlin-connected attorney make clear that some conservatives will never abandon this White House.

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