Working Together

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Advertising, sponsorship and collaborations

Baby Boomer Today features news, info and products for the Baby Boomer generation.  Our Boomer generation numbers over 75 million just in the U.S. and controls 70% of consumer spending in the U.S. alone.  This Baby Boomer audience, men and women the world over now aged 52 to 70 years old, represents an often-overlooked but large and affluent demographic.  Our blog’s content also reflects increasing interest in Baby Boomers who are healthy and active and are aspiring to live full lives and enjoy the ‘Prime Of Our Lives”.  In 1900, life expectancy stood at 39 years of age, whereas now it is approaching 80.  70 truly is the new 40.

Baby Boomer Today attracts approximately 50,000 users and up to 125,000 page views per month (Google Analytics).
Facebook followers number over 12000 to date, and Twitter followers are over 6000. Instagram, and Pinterest followers are gaining thought we focus much less on those platforms.  We post on the blog 3 times a week and several times a day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Demographics (source Google Analytics)

58% over 50 years of age
24% 35-44
14% 25-34
4% 18-24

Nearly 1 in 5 blog readers is female.

Brands.  We’re now working with select brands on collaborations, sponsored blog posts, social media takeovers, competitions, promotional events, and of course product reviews.  The product reviews will always be honest and will be our own truthful opinions on the products.

To inquire about working together, please contact us at [email protected]